"Heretics reject paradox in favor of false clarity and precision. True faith can only grow and mature if it includes paradox and creative doubt. Faith in God does not, contrary to religious assumptions, bring the false peace of answered questions and resolved ambiguities. Faith, in reality, is about living into a process of ‘unceasing interrogation’ of oneself, God, the world, Scripture, etc. God enters our lives with disturbing questions. And, without the presence of creative doubt, the religion we build in His name becomes hard and cruel, degenerating into the confident convictions that breed intolerance, insular institutions, and unassailable traditions. Unless we protect doubt, the power and inspiration of religious language is lost. The repression of doubt has brought about serious harm to the spiritual life. If we have an orthodox faith in GOD and not a heretical faith in the systems we have constructed to define, worship, proclaim, etc. GOD, then doubt IS faith."

- Shawn Duncan’s adaptation of Robert Mulholland Jr.’s quotation of Kenneth Leech’s commentary on Irenaeus’ view of orthodox Christianity.
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