SHAWN DUNCAN is a husband, father of two boys, minister, student, backpacker, and, especially/reluctantly the beloved of the Father.  Monastics, activists, and musicians inspire him; he would like to die as at least one of those three, but is currently less than .02% of any of them.  The spoken and written word are his tools, the new and coming world is what he hopes to help build. 

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JEREMY HARDER is the Worship and Outreach Director at The Gateway Church in Des Moine, but grew up a little bit of everywhere.  He has fallen strangely in love with England and coffee.  Best decision ever was to marry his wife, Shana; best accident every was his son, Henry.  He loves Jesus, talking about Jesus, and trying to act like Jesus.  HIs dream car is a scooter.  Go cubs.  Twitter: @jerharder  


 ADAM HOYT: Adam lives and works in Clarkston, GA, home to thousands of recently-moved-to-the-U.S.-refugees and other immigrants.  He is a Community Chaplain for Friends of Refugees, for whom he also runs an employment center (Cafe Clarkston) and a community garden.  A graduate of McAfee School of Theology, and he loves N.T. Wright but is a slow reader.  He is a recovering addict of, which also doesn’t help with the reading thing.   Work stuff -  Family stuff -

BRIAN IKEDA earns his living as an art director, yet couldn’t imagine his life past the year 2000. Now living in unconsidered territory, he is a father, a husband and a collector of coffee brewing devices (current count: 5.) He has found God in church, in starlit fields, in the movie Amelié and the songs of Belle and Sebastian, but not necessarily in that order.


ADAM METZ is the minister at the Alum Creek Church in Lewis Center, OH.  He is married to his co-minister Mary Beth, parent of Clark, Clementine, and Cecilia.  He spent time at Lipscomb University  and is finishing a D. Min at Fuller Seminary.  He loves Jesus, ministry, and risk takers.  He regularly says inappropriate things at inappropriate times and finds himself regularly praying for wisdom and discernment.  And he spends too much time playing/watching/doing sports.